At Music in Practice we believe that all children have the right to reach their highest human potential.

We believe that learning how to practice a musical instrument is by far the best way to get started on this journey. Did you know that practice, if done correctly, can teach the art of deep focus more effectively than any other activity known to mankind?

Sue Hunt of Music in PracticeBut most importantly, we believe that all parents, musical or not, can learn how to make practice sessions easier, more focussed and much, much more fun for themselves and for their children.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure then to help you and your children to find joy and success from practising together.

To save you lots of time, I have researched and developed hundreds of practice games and strategies.

They are all based on the latest research on how the brain learns, and have been specially created to make practice more rewarding and fun.

To get started, I recommend that you try our FREE selection of simple games, by clicking on the opt in button, on the right of this page.

Give it a go! You will be surprised by the improvements that you can make to your practice time together.

When practice is fun, It’s easily done!