Halloween Practice GamesTake the Boo Hoo out of practice with Halloween Practice Games. It’s fun learning to focus during deliciously spooky seasonal practice sessions, a must for all who just can’t wait for the festivities to start.  This year we have 11 games in our set:


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    • Two Halloween Jigsaws will improve spatial awareness as well as your practice tasks
    • Perfect your Halloween week’s main practice point with a happy Spider Family
    • Match the creepy pairs with Halloween Concentration
    • A Spider Web to catch your perfected practice tasks.
    • Indulge your creative artists while improving quick focussing skills with Halloween Pumpkins
    • Make a Halloween Mask while you practice some lightning fast focussing
    • Enjoy a game of Halloween Tic Tac Toe while you romp through a practice session
    • Trick or Treat is for all who really can’t wait for nightfall, a mixture of challenges and treats guaranteed to improve attention and co-operation.
    • You will unravel the secrets of reviewing with the fabulous  Spider’s Web Review Game. This is a good game for groups.
    • NEW   Treasure Hunt for Focussed repetition.  A fun game for a group of students.
    • NEW    Halloween Dominoes is just the thing for re-energizing tired brains and muscles.

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With only 2 easy rules to follow, it’s super easy to add value to your practice sessions.  Amaze your teacher with:

        • Accelerated focussing skills
        • Improved spatial awareness
        • Lots of correct repetition
        • Increased co-operation
        • Diffused tension
        • Less frustration

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