Music in Practice is happy to present the Game of the Week, 4 downloadable ebook collections of Seasonal Practice Games.

Spring Practice Games
Spring Practice Games
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Summer Practice Games
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Summer Practice Games


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Autumn Practice Games
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Winter Practice Games
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The game of the week is for parents who know about the link between daily practice and progress.  They come in 4 downloadable seasonal collections.   Each has been created specially for encouraging happy and constructive practice during that part of the year.  Each collection comes with useful practice tips to help you to make practice more positive, peaceful and productive for you and your children.  The collections are all ready for you to download and use.

Buy the Complete Collection of Seasonal Practice Games.

Seasonal Games - Game of the Week by Music in Practice

You only pay for 3 and the 4th comes completely free.

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The four collections contain:    Games for encouraging correct repetitions     Games for giving you insight into the way you are helping     Games of chance and challenge     Games to stack the deck in favour of effective practice     Practice puzzles     Games for self monitoring and self motivation     Dice games     How to create your own practice tools     Games to encourage the right kind of praise     Practice charts     Games for teaching instant deep focus     Games to reenergise the brain     How to make your child a winner every time.

The great thing about Music in Practice games, is that your children won’t realise how hard they are working.

Spring Practice Games

Game of the week Summer

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  • Hop Froggy Hop – to encourage correct repetitions
  • Teach a Doll – a diagnostic game
  • Chance – helps with focus
  • Stack the Deck – cuts verbal criticism
  • Dolls’ Concert – how to be creative with an old favourite
  • Chicken Challenge – for left and right hand skills
  • Spring Puzzles – lucky dip
  • Do You Think it’s Perfect? – for self discrimination
  • Take a Big Step – insuring more correct than incorrect repetitions
  • Shredding Machine – licensed destruction
  • Dice Game – deal with 2 trouble spots at once & have some fun with it
  • Pick-Up-Sticks – a little creativity creates correct repetitions
  • A Pat on the Back – the best praise for self discrimination & self motivation

Summer Practice Games

Game of the Week Spring

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  • Summer Puzzles – up to 9 Practice Tasks on each
  • Climb the Palm Tree – a game of chance
  • Deep Sea Feast – don’t get eaten by the killer whale!
  • Break Your Record – how to be a great sports commentator
  • All Star Baseball – how many home runs can you score?
  • Make your own Abacus – fits right on the music stand
  • Ice Cream Review – for growing ability
  • Pirate Treasure – find the treasure trove, but don’t get taken prisoner by pirates
  • Teaching Point – a race for teaching points
  • Stepping Stones – can you do the challenges on this stepping stone circuit
  • The Snack Game – for when you feel like a little something
  • Twinkle Boxes – win at lucky dip
  • Water Lilies – practice chart & certificate

Autumn Practice Games

Game of the Week Autum

$9.99.  This works out at 77 cents a week!  Add to Cart

  • Autumn Leaves – fill a practice tree with autumn leaves
  • Candle Practice – for encouraging good behaviour
  • Giant Steps – create a practice trail
  • Autumn Puzzles – hide surprise practice tasks behind each piece
  • Goal Scoring – how good is your aim?
  • Crossing the Pond – can you make it without falling in and getting wet?
  • Last Man Standing   – are you going to end up flat on your back?
  • Practice Pointillism – as contagious as measles
  • Musical Windows –  practice with a view
  • Fortunes For Focus – create a fun practice aid
  • Snakes and Ladders – winning is guaranteed
  • Paper Airplane – learn how to drop into deep focus
  • Turkey Feathers – for the artistic amongst us

 Winter Practice Games

game of the week winter

$9.99.  Only 77 cents a week!  Add to Cart

  • Snowmen – dress the snowmen
  • Index Cards – how to remember practice points
  • Winter Puzzles – all ready to cut out and use
  • Festival of Lights – for a glowing practice
  • Birds in a tree   – a colourful repetition counter
  • Snow Flakes   – feeling crafty?  This is good for focus
  • Let Your Little Light Shine – practice record
  • Challenges – do you think it’s easy?
  • Starry Sky – how many stars can you make before your next lesson?
  • Picture Squares – for the visual student
  • Star Challenge- the easy way to do 10 correct repetitions
  • Starlight Express – learn how to sort out trouble spots
  • Correct Repetitions Award Certificate – celebrate all that hard work

Remember, when you buy the Complete Collection of Seasonal Practice Games, you only pay for 3 and the 4th comes completely free $29.97. That’s less than 55 cents a week!

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