12 Magical Christmas Games from Music in Practice

Make Christmas Practice memorable with 12 Magical Christmas Practice Games.

Here is an ideal way to get yourself off to a flying start before New Years Day.  With happy a practice session every day during the festive season, you will be up an running before you know it.

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Christmas time is a very exciting season for children, filled with music, parties, presents and fun.  With no school for a couple of weeks, kids can become a bit overexcited and a bit less cooperative than usual about practice.  To most kids, practice means having to repeat stuff over and over, which comes a very poor second when compared with the seasonal fun they could be having.  Practice takes back stage during the festive season.  Your children forget a lot of what they have worked so hard at learning and have to face a disappointed teacher in January.  It is demoralizing to have to relearn things that they could do perfectly well a few weeks ago.  It is very hard to start practicing after a break and this can lead to resistance, arguments and tantrums. It doesn’t have to be like this.  The golden rule of teaching is,  “Make it Fun!”  Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves.  Within minutes of clicking the buy button your will have a stack of games all ready to download and play. See your children coming willingly to practice, because they know that you are going to have fun together. Hear the difference in their playing as they learn to focus on the task in hand. How good will you feel, when you know that they are well prepared to start lessons in January?

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12 Magical Christmas Practice Games turns dull practice sessions into magic quality time for both child and parent.

12 Magical Christmas Practice Games is a sparkling collection of twelve brightly colored enticing games.

Your children will be so busy having fun with 12 Magical Christmas Practice Games that they won’t realize how hard they are working.

12 Magical Christmas Practice Games will help your children learn that good work brings good consequences.

12 Magical Christmas Practice Games contains tips for parents to make practice easier as well as lots of fun.

12 Magical Christmas Practice Games helps you to make daily practice a pleasant habit.

12 Magical Christmas Practice Games includes:

  • Christmas Tree.  Polish your music language as you decorate the tree.
  • Festival of Lights.  Make your playing sparkle, roll the dice and off you go.
  • Candy Cane.  Improve your focussing skills and earn your own candy cane.
  • Seasonal Messages.  Correct repetitions create surprise messages.
  • Snowballs.  The practice snowball fight of the century.  Who will win?
  • Christmas Ornaments.  Help teach your budding artists quick refocussing.
  • Pepernoten.  Earn all the equipment to make traditional Dutch treats.
  • Christmas Puzzles.  Fun with spatial awareness.  Try both at once.
  • Festive Bells.  Kids absolutely love to “Jingle.”
  • Treats and Sparkles.  With lots of challenges and rewards for the brave.
  • Christmas Stocking.  A secret.  Ha Ha!
  • Party Hat.  A fashion must for the season.

SPECIAL BONUS Christmas Family Concert. Enjoy quality time with the family this year.  When you and your children get ready for a Christmas Family Concert, you are secretly preparing your kids for the first lessons of the New Year.  Find out our favorite tips for good performance experiences for all of the family.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS Christmas Practice Adventure. 

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