Straight Bowing GamesEssential Lessons in Straight Bowing for Beginner Violinists and Violists.

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Playing a string instrument is one of the most complicated skills known to mankind.  Kids can easily get frustrated and discouraged when learning, especially when they find that they can’t make the lovely sound they expected.

Learning good bow control is fundamental but tricky.  From the start, the bow has a mind of its own.  It refuses go in the right direction and slithers up and down the string.  What a horrible noise!  For a child, this isn’t any fun.

Nowadays, many children are used to being entertained and expect everything else to be as entertaining as their favourite activities.  They don’t want to spend dull hours practising.  They’d rather be playing games.

As a parent or teacher, you know that learning a musical instrument is fundamental to building a bigger and better brain and to developing useful life skills.  It is so frustrating to us that for many kids, the process of learning can be dry and boring.

It doesn’t have to be like this!  Imagine your kids being so intrigued by bowing games that they are happy to practice.

Just think how would you feel if you had dozens of games and strategies to help kids to learn basic bow control.

Picture the pleasure you’ll get from seeing your child’s accelerated progress as their playing skills improve.

See their self-esteem grow as they master each new bowing game. Hear a real improvement in beautiful tone as you help them to discover new strategies in bowing.

With 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing, we have done all the research for you.  We are excited to present this exciting new resource of 40 tried and tested games and strategies to help a young violinist play with a straight bow.  All you need to make working on bow control fun and effective.

40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing is an e-book that you can download which means that you could be reading and playing the games in as little as 5 minutes.

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Look at what you will get with 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing

Save yourself lots of time.  You won’t have to search for games, or spend hours making your own resources.

Stop spending your hard earned money on games, books and resources.  You will have more straight bowing ideas and games than you will ever use.

Learn how to be a fun teacher or parent who can make bowing skills enjoyable and interesting.  You will never be short of new ideas or activities.

Find simple ways to develop kids’ neuromuscular skills.

Discover lots of games that target different learning styles for visual, kinesthetic or aural learners.

A set of lucky dip cards to use in practice sessions.

Easy ways to reinforce basic bowing skills with kids who are struggling.  40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing makes basic bowing practice happy and intriguing.

These games are more than bow work.  They are entertaining, perfect for to keeping your kids interested in practising.

This is your secret to making learning basic bowing skills interesting. When you are looking for quality bowing games resources for practising at home or in the teaching studio, 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing is the resource for you.

Discover how to help your young musicians.  When WORK is FUN, your kids are motivated and their bowing skills improve quickly and easily. For great ways to teach straight bowing or easy bowing games and ideas for home practice, 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing shows you ways to making bowing lessons more fun and effective than ever before.

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Take A Look At What These People Are Saying About 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing

Sue Hunt’s 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing have been an incredible help to my son.  They kept his concentration and made him enjoy achieving his goal without really realising he was working.  I’ve seen many children she’s taught, bowing like adults from a young age and producing great sounds.  I would highly recommend them. Bet Ayres, parent London

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Sue Hunt’s Violin Bowing Games are colourfully presented and easy to follow. The pages could be printed out and used to decorate a studio or practice room, and I can see the games themselves making practice very attractive for children.  The particular value of this book is in its attractive and concise presentation.  I would be very interested to see Sue’s take on other parts of string playing technique! Juan Drown, violin and viola teacher London

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Sue brings a wealth of teaching experience, training and creativity to her publication. Her ideas are clear and beautifully illustrated with professional photos and drawings. The categorizing of activities into visual, aural and kinesthetic, is very helpful.  My parents and students are enjoying these activities in their home practice and group sessions, and they are successful in bringing about the desired outcomes of straight bows and fluidity in their bow arm stroke.– Wendy Seravalle-Smith, strings examiner for Royal Conservatory, festival adjudicator, violin/viola teacher and performer. Toronto

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As a teacher with many years experience I welcome 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing. The games are clearly explained and both teacher and parent will find them easy to use.  The pupil will find their bowing becomes straight quickly and effortless.  The games are varied and will appeal to both the young child and the older beginner. An excellent resource for teacher, parent and child. Shelagh Reid, violin teacher Aberdeen

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Sue’s bowing games not only provide a fun and imaginative approach to learning good technique. They also break down the necessary skills, and hone in on the different aspects of bowing in a straight line, enabling children to succeed in each individual task given them.  When tackling an aspect of violin technique in such a wide variety of ways, in my experience children are more inclined to stay focused and motivated as they are having fun being challenged at different aspects of a skill.  I thoroughly recommend this approach to learning as it has proved successful in my own teaching. Rebecca Sewell, violin teacher London

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