Will your passion for music rub off on your children?

Many children are enrolled in music teaching lessons by parents who enjoy music.  We teachers and parents are sometimes guilty of assuming that children will become automatically infected with our own passion for music.  We often assume that it will just rub off.  Passion needs careful nurturing in order to develop.

Here are 6 simple ways to inspire your children to become more involved in their music making with fun music practice games, by engaging all of their senses and making the magic vivid in their minds with music activities for children.

•1  What Music Excites Your Children?

Ask your children about their favorite music. Listen to recordings with them.  Get your children to tell you why they like it and what it makes them feel like.  Even if their favorites don’t ring a bell for you, listen to what they say and respect their emotions.  You never know what exciting things you might learn, if you keep an open mind when it comes to music activities for kids.

•2  Celebrate Success Meaningfully

Energise your children’s desire to work hard at practising by making doable goals with them and celebrating each one as it is achieved with fun music games.  Whatever works in your family ethos is OK. For some children, a pat on the back and a few kind words are enough to spur them on to greater success.  Talk with them about their experiences of achieving each goal.  Ask them what they saw, what it sounded like and how it felt.  There may even be smells and tastes associated with the experiences.  You can even write the story in a practice journal.  The more personal you make it, the more inspiring it will be and the better the music teaching experience will be.

•3  Good Equipment is a Valuable Investment

Even for a beginner, it is advisable to get hold of the best instrument that you can afford.  Not only will it be easier to play but it will be easier to make a beautiful sound.  Children can be notoriously accident prone, so no matter what instrument you buy, be sure to encourage your children to treat their precious instruments with love and respect.  To prepare for this, spend a lot of time playing games, to develop coordination and responsibility on a pre-violin, before letting a small child loose on the real thing.

•4  Reverence the Ritual of Practice

Make sure that music teaching practice is consistent.  The time spent in practice is very special. Highly successful musicians tend to view practice as a religious act.  If you, yourself, show respect for this precious time, you can teach your child by your example.

•5  Listen to Fine Performances

Make a resolution to take your child to as many concerts as possible.  In a big city, there are many concerts specially organized for children.  It is not so easy in the country, so keep your ears open for teachers concerts, music and church and local celebrations.  If you can’t find anything, remember to browse through Skype.

•6  The Big Goal

Help your children to keep the goal of making beautiful music at the forefront of their minds.  Talk about it with them in such a way as to help them make the images, sounds and feelings beautiful and vivid in their minds.  The more you do this, the more exciting opportunities will present themselves.  The more exciting it becomes, with music games for children, the more motivating it will be for your child to learn to love music practice.

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