My name is Sue Hunt. I’m here to help you and your kids to enjoy happy and successful music practice together. As a teacher of 25 years experience, I specialize in making music practice a child friendly activity.  I have done years of research into the best ways to help you and your children get full value from the thousands of dollars that you spend on music lessons.  When you start using our music practice games and strategies, you too, can make music practice fun.


Our Grand Practice Adventure

Grand Practice Adventure Part 1- 5

Our Grand Practice Adventure is a ground breaking practice aid, which comes in daily inspirational emails to inspire parents who want music practice to be happier, and more purposeful. The magic is  in the email attachments with tips, games, schedules, certificates and much more.

FACT!! Progress in your studio depends on regular music practice.  Many students find that this is easier said than done.  Often they practice well for a day or two, only to find that they have bitten off more than they can chew. Our Grand Practice Adventure will take you through the stages from Part 1 to Part 5. MORE INFO.

Every Day Counts ImageEvery Day Counts

Help your child to develop good practice habits with these inspiring themed practice charts.  There is one for every month of the year, each focussing on one aspect of good practice behaviour.  Play your way through them and you will be delighted by the results. MORE INFO

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Seasonal Practice Games – Game of the Week

Seasonal Games - Game of the Week by Music in Practice

The game of the week is for parents who know about the link between daily practice and progress.  They come in 4 downloadable seasonal collections.   MORE INFO.

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Buy all 4 and only pay for 3.  The 4th volume comes completely free $29.97

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Leap Frog from Music in Practice

Leap Frog

A colorful absorbing downloadable Music Practice Game for one or more children and a helper. Since we all learn better and more quickly when we are enjoying ourselves, Leap Frog quickly adds value to practice time.  You can even customize the game to your child’s attention span. MORE INFO.

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Birthday games from Music in PracticeBirthday Practice Games

It’s your child’s birthday and you have committed to helping with daily music practice, Help!  How are you going to cope?  Download 6 great Birthday Music Practice Games, of course!   MORE INFO.

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12 Magical Christmas Games from Music in Practice12 Magical Christmas Practice Games

A present that makes children want to practice.  Your kids will be having so much fun with this delightful downloadable pack of 12 irresistible music practice games that they won’t realize how hard they are really working.  These games aren’t only for Christmas. 12 Magical Christmas Practice Games will keep your children practicing for the entire holiday and on into the new year. MORE INFO

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8 Lucky Chinese New Year Practice Games8 Lucky Practice Games for Chinese New Year

These downloadable games are specially created to get your New Year’s music practice off to an auspicious start.  Aim to make this the best ever year for your children. MORE INFO

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Halloween Practice GamesHalloween Practice Games

Take the Boo Hoo out of practice with our 11 spooky downloadable music practice games.  Improve your child’s ability to focus, while having FUN with some great seasonal practices.  MORE INFO.

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24 Violin Hold Games24 Beginner Violin Hold Games

A great resource of appealing violin hold games and strategies. Enjoy them every day, with your child, in group and private violin and viola lessons. When you make music practice  fun, your child will always want more.     MORE INFO

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Straight Bowing Games 40 Great Games to Teach Straight Bowing

We are excited to present this exciting new resource of 40 tried and tested games and strategies to help a young violinist play with a straight bow.  All you need to make working on bow control fun and effective. Add to the shopping cart, download and use. MORE INFO.

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36 Bow Hold Games from Music in Practice 36 Beginner Bow Hold Games

FACT!! It can take thousands of correct repetitions to turn knowledge into a skill.  FACT!! Children don’t like hard boring work and will do anything they can to get out of it.  Learn how to work with productively with your child with 36 Beginner Bow Hold Games.  It has been compiled to give beginners stacks of enticing opportunities to make and sustain a beautiful bow hold.   MORE INFO.

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Review games from Music in PracticeReview

Making it Fun, Gets the Job Done How do you have your kids totally engaged and focused on what really needs to be done, without loosing your cool? How do you create a brand new learning experience, where the brain is curious again? How can teachers and parents communicate so that they know exactly what needs to be practiced? Review – Making it Fun Gets the Job Done will show you how to make review FUN and productive for your children.   This ebook is a must for violin and viola teachers and parents who are struggling daily, to get kids to work at their old pieces, that they think they know already. MORE INFO.  
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